Here’s How

It’s as easy as A, B, C!

  • Attend events;
  • Bring your teams to meet NL and or NLT;
  • Consider whether you want to partner or associate for now, then apply!

CCI have developed two ways churches join the network.

Two types of connection:

  1. Become an associate church – An associate is someone who seeks:

to connect or bring into relation,

to join as a companion or ally: to associate oneself with a cause.

This definition aptly describes a church who seeks to associate with CCI – a church with a kindred spirit, who can compliment the character of CCI, sharing in it’s vision and ethos.

For our part we will actively encourage Associate Churches to intentionally place themselves within the various leadership environments we provide through our regional and national events together with the CCI Academy.

  1. Become a partner church – a partner is:

a person who shares with another in some action or endeavour;

a person associated with another or others as a contributor in a joint venture.

Partner Churches are eager to put their hand to the CCI ‘plough’ and help drive the aims of the movement forward. Partner Churches seek to gather other like minded churches and attract them towards CCI.

Partner Churches willingly make greater contributions in terms of prayer, involvement in national and regional events as well as financial support.

Benefitting from intentionally placing themselves within leadership environments provided by CCI as noted above, Partner Churches also help shape CCI for it’s future. Partner Churches are able to nominate a member to vote at business meetings and become eligible for consideration to hold certain roles and positions within the movement.

Further, Partner Churches will be able to apply for their ministers to attain Credentialed Status with CCI.

Is there a cost? Yes. Associate Churches make a 2% investment, Partner Churches, a 4% investment

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