We are so excited to launch ‘Impact’ at MVMNT23, an event especially curated to mobilise faith, activate calling and impact the spiritual landscape of Ireland and beyond.

  • We’ll hear from our National Leader, Ps Sean Mullarkey, as well as the National Leadership Team.   
  • Live music from the WeArePursuit Worship Band
  • KIDS CONFERENCE @ MVMNT23 (ages 5-11 years), a full, action packed program for the most special people in our lives 
  • PULSE (ages 12-18 years) will provide a unique energy for youth.
  • EXPO Zone, where you will connect with many inspirational ministeries from around the country.
  • Café with tea/coffee, snacks, sandwiches and homebaked goods for sale on site throughout the day

But most of all, we can’t wait to welcome you, your friends and family. We’re making sure you’ll have plenty of quality time to hang out with friends, old and new! 

PICNIC: This year for our MVMNT conference we recommend that you bring A PICNIC LUNCH. There will be tables and space available for you to sit and eat at. We will have an extended lunch break so you can spend time with your friends and family and meet new people. 😁



Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:


  • There is free parking onsite
  • Doors open at 9:30am
  • You can check your kids into Kid’s Conference when you arrive.
  • KIDS CONFERENCE @ MVMNT23 (age 5-11 years) , a full, action packed program for the most special people in our lives. There is a unsupervised Creche for under 5 years with sound and vision from the main conference area.
  • The event begins at 10am
  • Lunch is from 1pm – 3pm (please pick up your kids – there is NO kids programme during lunchtime)
  • Please bring your own packed lunch. There will be tables and spaces for you to eat at.
  • There will be tea/coffee, snacks and a selection of sandwiches on sale throughout the day
  • PULSE Midday Madness will be held during the lunch break for ages 12-18 years. This will be on the sports field of the Educate Together School next door to Betania, about 1 minute walk away! The teenagers will be given pizza to eat. You may want to bring a packed lunch for them anyway.
  • The event will end at 5:30pm