Brian Somerville

Brian Somerville

Executive Director for CCI

Brian began his professional career as a real estate agent through his company in Derry~Londonderry while an active member of Cornerstone City Church. Feeling a growing sense to full time ministry, Brian became the Assistant Pastor of Cornerstone in 2006 and by 2009, he and his wife Judith, were installed as Senior Pastors.

From then until 2018 the church sustained a passionate heart for Derry, focusing on community engagement, debt and poverty relief, and advocacy holding firmly to the belief that the local church really is the hope of the world.

Parallel to its local missional efforts, the church grew, and witnessed many people come to new life in Jesus Christ. Latterly, the church secured its first city centre building, some 35,000 sq ft, offering enough accommodation for present and future needs to service an expansive vision.

In 2018 Brian and Judith handed the church over to a new pastoral leadership team and Brian became the Executive Director of Christian Churches Ireland where he oversees the strategic development of the movement.

Brian also travels extensively throughout Ireland and beyond, seeking to encourage pastors, leaders and ministry teams toward health, passion and to possess Gods vision for their community. He preaches and teaches with a practical passion and with not just a touch a humour!

Brian and Judith have four children, Sarah, Peter, Lucy and Charlotte all aged 14 at the time of writing. Brian loves Jesus, is hopelessly devoted to Judith and the kids, loves CrossFit, food, shopping and is resolutely convinced about the prevailing power of Christ expressed through the local church and the difference He makes.