the local church is the hope of the world

We are passionate about raising leaders. At SALT, our CCI training programme, we offer an effective pathway for your personal leadership development and training for leading in the local church.

The SALT programme is run for one day per week - Thursdays -  over two academic years; from September to June each year.  The location is St Mark's Church, Pearse St, Dublin. 

SALT runs in partnership with associated local churches and will equip you with the biblical foundation and practical skills necessary to lead, build and minister in the local church.


local church internship

Being actively involved in your local church is vital to your training and preparation for ministry in SALT. Our local church internship strengthens your partnership and contribution to serving your local church. All Salt students will create a personal development plan, focussing on a personal and an internship growth goal each term. Students will have access to leadership coaching to support their leadership development and growth.


leadership & training

The SALT course content focuses on Christ centred leadership and teaching in biblical foundations of faith. All classes are taught by experienced local church leaders, currently engaged with changing the landscape of the Church in Ireland.

The academic requirements for CCI ordination are met through this course.


CCI team placement

All SALT students have the opportunity to experience ministry beyond their local content in out CCI team placement. This mandatory placement allows students to contribute to CCI national conferences and key events through out the year. Each student will function as a team player, team leader or leader of leaders, widening their experience in preparation for future ministry goals.



3 intakes each year : Sept : Jan : April

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the closing date for the sept 2018 intake is 29th august 2018